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For the latest CF of clothing brand ADEN Jo In-Seong and Seong Yoo-ri are featured as Carnies with a dark and mysterious aura surrounding them, which is not to bad because they are dropped dead gorgeous. Jo In-Seong is the master of blades and Seong Yoo-ri is lovely assistant memorizing him with her seductive ways. Both are wearing matching outfits of black on black: black leather vest and black shirt with a white spaded design(also the clothing brands symbol) that also matches the wheel behind Seong Yoo-ri. Both of them are hot and it shows in the CF.


Yes another obsession of mine besides the Korean culture is it’s men, and Lee Jun Ki is one of those hot Korean men at the top of my list. Others are So Ho Young, So Ji Sub, Song Seung Hun, Rain and so many others to name. Even though Lee Jun Ki portrays the effeminate type he can also carry off the masculine image as well. Not only is he a good actor he has also become a pro at modeling having all kinds of magazine publications and clothing brands after him wanting to feature him in their things. These companies know what they are doing because he definitely knows how to bring in the ladies with his very unique style……and we ladies so do love him for that. HAHAHA

Some pics of Spris’ 08 Fall Story Magalog

Making of Spris photo-shoot


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