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I recently received an email from TVXQ 2 Canada asking me to post their finished project. So I thought why not. I love TVXQ, and it’s great to see fans all over the world showing the boys some support and keeping the faith alive. So here you go my Canadian friends from up North, and great job.

And some more Canadian fan well wishes to TVXQ.

If you want to help or find out more visit them at TVXQ 2 Canada

TVXQ Hwaiting!

US for TVXQ Hwaiting!

TVXQ 2 Canada Hwaiting!

All fans for TVXQ Hwaiting!!!!!!


Yay the song is out for download so of course I had to post it up. Enjoy!!!!



Recently the teaser poster came out for DBSK’s 4th album release titled MIROTIC, which is coming out on 23rd of September (no info on pre-orders). Some information from soompi about what Mirotic means “MIROTIC” is a newly coined word from the Korean word “MIRO” and the English word “TIC“. The word “miro” means “lost or maze”. Some say that the meaning of the word Mirotic is the feeling of being wrapped in love with no way out. Mmmmmm that sounds really deep…..I guess this is a sign of DBSK’s maturity over the past years in their personal lives and musical growth.

Now comes the 20 second preview of Mirotic which is a typical DBSK with the big dance sequence and close ups. Oh and also shirtless DBSK which to me is not a bad thing because in my eyes anything DBSK is FANTASTIC . In the sneak preview DBSK displays their dance and vocal skills that they are known for and a new look, and a little bit of flesh which is all good to me. hehehhe 😀

20 second preview Mirotic MV

Mirotic Full Audio


Omg DBSK “Hey (Don’t Bring Me Down)” song is out around the net. It has a strong beat and the vocals are great. I see that DBSK are going to be hitting us hard with their new sound. Should other Kpop groups like Big Bang and SuJu be worried about DBSK upcoming album?


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