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In my previous post I mention that Choi Ji Young and Lee Hyun Ji will be added to the variety show “We Got Married” which will showcase them on the Chuseok special, but also two additional couples. Marco & Son Dam Bi, and Fly to the Sky (FTTS member) Hwan Hee & Hwayobi will also make their debut as the new couples being added to the panel on special.

Coolsmurf did a breakdown on the two part episode.


The anticipated wait is over and the new couple that is being added to the WGM cast are Choi Jin Young and Lee Hyun Ji. The two newbies will appear in Chuseok special, which will be a 2 hour event.

Choi Jin Young and Lee Hyun Ji will be one of the couples featured in the special. The both of them have already finished filming in an apartment in Seoul. However, it is undecided as to whether this couple will be able to continue as a regular couple.

The production team plans on keeping the current couples on the show till the end of the year, however should there be a change in the current system, then it is likely that a couple from the Chuseok special will be given priority for consideration as regular cast of the show.

The regular cast of WGM, Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo, Andy- Solbi, Crown J- So In Young and Alex- Shin Ae, will be featured in the second part of the special whereby they will participate in a Speed Quiz in the studio.

Credits: Empas News

This looks like this is going to be the opposite of Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo relationship where you have the older lady with the younger man. With Choi Jin Young and Lee Hyun Ji we will see the older man with young woman, and that might being some very entertaining events like Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo has shown.

I hope that these two people will add something to the show and not just be an addition that was unnecessary and a pain to watch. I will watch the show if comes on Youtube because that is the only way I will see it. hehhehehhe


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