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For first my true blog post I will talk about one of my favorite Korean girl groups no other than THE WONDERGIRLS. I can not wait for their new single album (it’s not their 2nd album from what I’ve heard) which is due out on the 25th of September, also showcasing a new sound and style. A new song that some say will out do the “So Hot” song, which probably is not a surprise because every time WonderGirls come out with something new it always goes through the roof into the heavens, and explodes into sparkly little pieces we know as stars. Was I over doing it just now? HAHA well you know what I mean the WonderGirls’ songs always have this magic power to put people into trances and have them video tape themselves singing and do the choreography of one the their latest additive hits step by step. No matter if you you’re young or old, rich or poor, male or female, Korean celeb or non-celeb folks, or even a military serves person or regular Joe Schmo. Once you hear a up-beat song by the WonderGirls something in your brain goes hay-wire and you are grabbing for your video camera, and then YOU yourself become the latest most watched video on any streaming video site from Naver to Youtube ,and across waters into peoples living rooms or bedrooms. Once you’ve been hit by the Wonder bug you are a carrier of this contagious disease which it has no cure for until the next WonderGirls’ epidemic.

Oh but I am not complaining about this I am very happy with it and so are the millions of other people that get caught by this magnificent spreading disease. Now all we have to do is wait and see what new dance steps and catchy tone we will be practicing in our sleeps. But for now the WonderGirls are hard at work polishing up on their image which includes a jean campaign WONDER S. JEANS by TBJ Nearby also with 2AM (those lucky girls) and a 1677 CF. So we will have to be patient for their comeback (as if they’ve been gone).

WonderGirls & 2AM photo-shoot



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