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For the latest CF of clothing brand ADEN Jo In-Seong and Seong Yoo-ri are featured as Carnies with a dark and mysterious aura surrounding them, which is not to bad because they are dropped dead gorgeous. Jo In-Seong is the master of blades and Seong Yoo-ri is lovely assistant memorizing him with her seductive ways. Both are wearing matching outfits of black on black: black leather vest and black shirt with a white spaded design(also the clothing brands symbol) that also matches the wheel behind Seong Yoo-ri. Both of them are hot and it shows in the CF.


Could this be true that my beloved favorite actress Yoon Eun Hye has decided to go back to her roots (music)? Well yes and no.  On August 23rd clips of YEH were released on a video site called Pandora, which got a lot of people talking and thinking that YEH will be making a come back into the music scene, but sadly she’s not. She will be featured in Samsung’s latest CF “Samsung Zipel” (for their Electronics’ Premium Range Refrigerator not a phone) showing us her singer side once again. From the video YEH looked very relaxed and playful in front of the mic as if she was reminiscing with a old friend she hasn’t seen in a while. The song she is singing is called “Salad Song” which sounds to me like a cutesy Pop type song (which I am not a big fan of), but YEH somehow can pull it off just fine like a natural, and I kind of like it. This will be YEH first time back showing off her vocal skills since her Baby Vos days and also her first time singing solo. I have to be honest I haven’t heard any of YEH’s songs during her Baby Vos days because I only got into Korean entertainment these past 2 years, so by that time she was already an actress. If YEH ever decides to go back to singing I don’t think she will have a hard time making a come back because these clips of her singing has already generated a lot of buzz. Causing the video (the long version I think) to reach the top position (most viewed video) on Pandora’s site. So here’s to Yoon Eun Hye on her mini music come back (HAHAH) Eun Hye Fighting!!!!……now if only she can get started on that next drama that many of us are waiting for. 😀

Check out the video


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