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In my previous post I mention that Choi Ji Young and Lee Hyun Ji will be added to the variety show “We Got Married” which will showcase them on the Chuseok special, but also two additional couples. Marco & Son Dam Bi, and Fly to the Sky (FTTS member) Hwan Hee & Hwayobi will also make their debut as the new couples being added to the panel on special.

Coolsmurf did a breakdown on the two part episode.


No wonder it’s a good time for her to enter the US music scene because anything entering in the American music scene THAT IS NOT SO AMERICAN is sign of fresh air. But here we have Boa adding her medicore, American copying style to the mix. (WTF) What kind of fresh of breath air is she going to bring?

So on Sept 10th (Korean time) Lee Soo-Man announced alone side his puppet Boa that she will be making her US music debut on Nov 11. The press conference also previewed her first single called “Eat you up” that was produced by Bloodshy and Avant. Eat you up….what kind of title is that? Who is she going to eat up and what will she be eating up? HAHAHAH

US version

Korean version

You feed my armpits hot in ways I can’t explain.” WTH is that suppose to mean?

And why the need for two different versions and why does the Korean version look way better than the US version?

In the American version Boa comes across looking like a vampire and really old looking. And with the moon in the background and snow falling is so depressing. As with the Korean version it looks more lively, more hardcore, and more hip hop mainstream, which is weird because isn’t Boa supposedly a Pop diva more than a hip hop, b-boy or b-girl, from the hood type entertainer? Why the change in style is she trying portray something she is not? Boa singing style is more like Britney Spears which is not actually a plus because Britney CAN’T sing, look here, even Britney Spears wishes that she could sing better or just as good as Christina Aguilera. I’d say that the choreography in both videos are good, but not enough to persuade us that Boa is the “Best of Asia” which is a huge stretch on their part of saying. There are a few that are best of Asia and Boa is no where on that list.

I will say because of SM entertainment smart move in debuting Boa at the time where American music has hit time low that her appearance into the American market will actually get some recognition , but not because of her singing ability.  Which in the end is what American music consumers really care about not the manufactured idols that SM likes to shove down Korean consumers, especially his baby dollies (Boa and SNSD).

I maybe bias in the fact that I don’t really like Boa’s style or singing, and the sad thing about it is that I really do want a Korean entertainer to be able to enter into the American music market and prove to US that great music isn’t only made in America. But REALLY, is Boa the “Best of Asia” was there no one else that could be better than Boa?

Another death in the Korean entertainment world. Recently we heard of the sudden death of rising Korean star Eon Lee in a motorcycle accident that is now being investigated not as an accident at all read more about that here . Now we have the untimely death of Korean entertainer Ahn Jae Hwan (36) who married comedian/actress Jung Sun Hee last November after dating for 3 months. Ahn Jae Hwan whereabouts went unknown for a month before he was found dead and decomposing in his car around 9 am today (Korea time).

Officials are classifying it as a suicide and is investigating motives of his untimely death.

Observers assume a recent string of business failures could have driven him to kill himself…..

Ahn, who owned several bars, restaurants and shoe stores, was reportedly heading for bankruptcy and he recently had to sell a lucrative bar he owned in Gangnam as a last resort. It was revealed that he owed about 4 billion won to private moneylenders. The loan sharks had threatened his wife, calling on her to repay the debt. She had planned to meet with them Monday to discuss the issue.

Some observers said Ahn had long showed signs of suffering problems. A couple of weeks ago, he was sacked from his job as a TV presenter on the entertainment news program ETU, allegedly because he had missed several live broadcasts. Some media reported that he hid himself since then, but his agent explained it was merely an attempt to go on diet.Brian in Jeollanam-do

Found alone side Ahn Jae Hwan were two burnt charcoal briquettes that investigators are saying may have contributed to his death and a suicide note expressing his love for his wife.

A very tragic time in the Korean entertainment world with untimely deaths springing up one after another this year.

My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends doing this time.

For the latest CF of clothing brand ADEN Jo In-Seong and Seong Yoo-ri are featured as Carnies with a dark and mysterious aura surrounding them, which is not to bad because they are dropped dead gorgeous. Jo In-Seong is the master of blades and Seong Yoo-ri is lovely assistant memorizing him with her seductive ways. Both are wearing matching outfits of black on black: black leather vest and black shirt with a white spaded design(also the clothing brands symbol) that also matches the wheel behind Seong Yoo-ri. Both of them are hot and it shows in the CF.

The anticipated wait is over and the new couple that is being added to the WGM cast are Choi Jin Young and Lee Hyun Ji. The two newbies will appear in Chuseok special, which will be a 2 hour event.

Choi Jin Young and Lee Hyun Ji will be one of the couples featured in the special. The both of them have already finished filming in an apartment in Seoul. However, it is undecided as to whether this couple will be able to continue as a regular couple.

The production team plans on keeping the current couples on the show till the end of the year, however should there be a change in the current system, then it is likely that a couple from the Chuseok special will be given priority for consideration as regular cast of the show.

The regular cast of WGM, Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo, Andy- Solbi, Crown J- So In Young and Alex- Shin Ae, will be featured in the second part of the special whereby they will participate in a Speed Quiz in the studio.

Credits: Empas News

This looks like this is going to be the opposite of Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo relationship where you have the older lady with the younger man. With Choi Jin Young and Lee Hyun Ji we will see the older man with young woman, and that might being some very entertaining events like Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo has shown.

I hope that these two people will add something to the show and not just be an addition that was unnecessary and a pain to watch. I will watch the show if comes on Youtube because that is the only way I will see it. hehhehehhe

Yes another obsession of mine besides the Korean culture is it’s men, and Lee Jun Ki is one of those hot Korean men at the top of my list. Others are So Ho Young, So Ji Sub, Song Seung Hun, Rain and so many others to name. Even though Lee Jun Ki portrays the effeminate type he can also carry off the masculine image as well. Not only is he a good actor he has also become a pro at modeling having all kinds of magazine publications and clothing brands after him wanting to feature him in their things. These companies know what they are doing because he definitely knows how to bring in the ladies with his very unique style……and we ladies so do love him for that. HAHAHA

Some pics of Spris’ 08 Fall Story Magalog

Making of Spris photo-shoot

Could this be true that my beloved favorite actress Yoon Eun Hye has decided to go back to her roots (music)? Well yes and no.  On August 23rd clips of YEH were released on a video site called Pandora, which got a lot of people talking and thinking that YEH will be making a come back into the music scene, but sadly she’s not. She will be featured in Samsung’s latest CF “Samsung Zipel” (for their Electronics’ Premium Range Refrigerator not a phone) showing us her singer side once again. From the video YEH looked very relaxed and playful in front of the mic as if she was reminiscing with a old friend she hasn’t seen in a while. The song she is singing is called “Salad Song” which sounds to me like a cutesy Pop type song (which I am not a big fan of), but YEH somehow can pull it off just fine like a natural, and I kind of like it. This will be YEH first time back showing off her vocal skills since her Baby Vos days and also her first time singing solo. I have to be honest I haven’t heard any of YEH’s songs during her Baby Vos days because I only got into Korean entertainment these past 2 years, so by that time she was already an actress. If YEH ever decides to go back to singing I don’t think she will have a hard time making a come back because these clips of her singing has already generated a lot of buzz. Causing the video (the long version I think) to reach the top position (most viewed video) on Pandora’s site. So here’s to Yoon Eun Hye on her mini music come back (HAHAH) Eun Hye Fighting!!!!……now if only she can get started on that next drama that many of us are waiting for. 😀

Check out the video


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