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Introduction of Heavenlykpop

Hi I’m Heavenlykpop,

You guys can call me Heavenly for short. I am a 20 something year old design student who loves everything Asian, especially anything Korean or Japanese. A kid at heart….I may have the Peter Pan syndrome you know the never wanna grow up complex. hehehe

I am going to dedicate this blog to things I like which are all probably going to be about Korea and Korean related because I am infatuated with everything Korea (South Korea) from it’s old-worldly culture to the latest trends. Now I should say that I am not a writer and probably not a very good one either, but I will do my best to keep YOU my readers entertained. I am not Korean or even speak the language ( but I am at this moment teaching myself this language and you all know how that sort of thing goes), but that shouldn’t stop me from engaging myself into all the wonderful things that the Korean culture has to offer. I will mostly write about boy-bands, girl groups, album releases, dramas, movies, variety shows, Korean celebs, Korean fashion, and so on. This is like a big step for me to let myself out there for all to see, but I think I will be okay. Sorry for such a short post I am new at this and all. Oh by the way that is not me in the picture that is Yoon Eun Hye one of my favorite Korean actresses.


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Nice blog and nice pic!

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