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Posted on: September 22, 2008

Omg I have been waiting for this….and I am so excited, but of course I had to post to share. So enjoy!!!!

Also I hear that their mini album is named “The Wonder Years Trilogy”.

Nobody [DL]


12 Responses to "YAY WONDERGIRLS “NOBODY” IS OUT!!!"

That was hot and I’m glad I stopped by. Now I have a new group to add to my ipod. Thanks for hooking me up.

dis song freaking rpx!!!,,,

luv it,,,luv it!!!


I love wondergirl very much.everyday Ialways watch nobody song.congolation wondergirl cos you all are nice and good.

i like wondergirl very much.Everyday i watch nobody song cos the dance is nice.hihi

there are five small kids follow your(wondergirl) dance and sing,very cute if you want to watch, go to youtube than type(small kids dance like wondergirl)

this song is very romantic and the dance is nice.

i DoN’t LiKE WonDErgIRL COs i am boy

i don’t like chamay0

sorry chamay imean i don’t like chamayo comment.

@yunee- why are you leaving so many comments with different names? I can tell that you all are the same person by your email and IP address? And of course by your icon pic.

i really like wondergirls that´s a really good song..
and also the way they dance…
I love it!!

have anyone heard this song in english??
it`s very cool(Y)

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