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American music going down the tubes. Here enters Boa.

Posted on: September 10, 2008

No wonder it’s a good time for her to enter the US music scene because anything entering in the American music scene THAT IS NOT SO AMERICAN is sign of fresh air. But here we have Boa adding her medicore, American copying style to the mix. (WTF) What kind of fresh of breath air is she going to bring?

So on Sept 10th (Korean time) Lee Soo-Man announced alone side his puppet Boa that she will be making her US music debut on Nov 11. The press conference also previewed her first single called “Eat you up” that was produced by Bloodshy and Avant. Eat you up….what kind of title is that? Who is she going to eat up and what will she be eating up? HAHAHAH

US version

Korean version

You feed my armpits hot in ways I can’t explain.” WTH is that suppose to mean?

And why the need for two different versions and why does the Korean version look way better than the US version?

In the American version Boa comes across looking like a vampire and really old looking. And with the moon in the background and snow falling is so depressing. As with the Korean version it looks more lively, more hardcore, and more hip hop mainstream, which is weird because isn’t Boa supposedly a Pop diva more than a hip hop, b-boy or b-girl, from the hood type entertainer? Why the change in style is she trying portray something she is not? Boa singing style is more like Britney Spears which is not actually a plus because Britney CAN’T sing, look here, even Britney Spears wishes that she could sing better or just as good as Christina Aguilera. I’d say that the choreography in both videos are good, but not enough to persuade us that Boa is the “Best of Asia” which is a huge stretch on their part of saying. There are a few that are best of Asia and Boa is no where on that list.

I will say because of SM entertainment smart move in debuting Boa at the time where American music has hit time low that her appearance into the American market will actually get some recognition , but not because of her singing ability.  Which in the end is what American music consumers really care about not the manufactured idols that SM likes to shove down Korean consumers, especially his baby dollies (Boa and SNSD).

I maybe bias in the fact that I don’t really like Boa’s style or singing, and the sad thing about it is that I really do want a Korean entertainer to be able to enter into the American music market and prove to US that great music isn’t only made in America. But REALLY, is Boa the “Best of Asia” was there no one else that could be better than Boa?


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lol I defintely agree with your view (along with your other comments on PS).

There are so many other female singers who can sing better in Korea.. but most Kpop/Jpop fans heard of BoA, which I find pretty sad. Guess they couldn’t be bother with artists that aren’t that well known. BoA isn’t even at at least good eye candy either.

Man, they’re gonna waste so much money on this kid. I’m sure she doesn’t want to go through with this either – SM just wants to monopolize everything.

Finally folks that are speaking some sense! Thank-you! I completely agree with your post and the commenter…

There are so many people in the k-pop world that far-better talented than, if anything BoA is a great entertainer at best. I really hate how her psycho fans swear that everyone who disagrees with them are haters and jealous and how they bash Se7en and Bi. Bi, was noticed by Steven Colbert and has been in People mag and two movies, Se7en has been living here in American learning English, and soaking up American culture, and has had fan-meetings and is interacting with his fans…has BoA done any of this hell no!

I am not a fan, but at the same time I don’t want to see the girl fail, but this reeks of failure. I would be more supportive of this if I didn’t feel like her master LSM was going trying to continue to capitalize off her successes in Japan and other parts of Asia. Seriously, if they’ve been preparing for 3 years, then why did she spend some much time in Japan? Shouldn’t she have been here in American practicing and learning English, and learning more about American culture? People are hella deaf, just because she can manage to sing coherent English does mean that she can speak English? I can sing many Korean songs, but I couldn’t hold a conversion in Korean if my life depended on it…I really feel like LSM probably knows her debut will flop, but he is depending on her fans from Japan and abroad to support her no matter what.

It sucks that she injured herself, I do to find it funny how someone that dances so much, on stage and in all her mvs could be that clumsy to fall on a staircase?

I blame BoA just as much, if she wanted to take a break, she has the money to do so, what people don’t get is that power, money and fame changes people, once u have it, you crave for more, this just seems like an attempt to gain some serious fame, and/or attention.

This just goes all go back to why can’t this man recruit and spend money on some of many talented Asian-Americans here? Its so sad how they will probably never be given a chance because they don’t have someone like LSM to give the chance they so deserve~

@Mhmm & cherbear

Thanks for replying to my post. I finally feel like a blogger because ppl are replying so thanks again. 😀

I don’t hate boa, but I don’t like her singing or her style.
Her vocal skills are not up to par and she is definitely NOT the best of Asia like how SM is portraying her as. And that is just giving Kpop a mad name portraying her as the best.

I saw a video of her at the press conference speaking English and find that she is no better at speaking than Rain or Se7en, and she has been preparing way longer than both of them put together.

The way she preparing to debut into the American market is nothing new and is the same old thing that ppl here in the US are tired of hearing.

But Sm entertainment is making a pretty good business move by debuting her at this time because clearly she will not have much of a competition cause the US music scene is taking a beating at illegal downloading something SM has experience with.

So yea I think that Boa IS NOT THE BEST OF ASIA…and the only reason why she will get some recognition is because of the good choreography, but her singing skill is poor.

Thanks for commenting guys.

RE:“You feed my armpits hot in ways I can’t explain.” WTH is that suppose to mean?

LOL, it’s “you feed my appetite in ways I can’t explain.” — hence the title… “eat you up”… 🙂

HAHHAHA Yea someone already corrected me on that at another blog, but if her English was clearer I wouldn’t have heard armpit.lol 😀

lmao, the full song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcSaNMqa7_k

I think.. they recorded “Mmmm!” with vocoder too -_-

XD Hilarious part, her management team says she’s from North Korea (DPRK)

@yikes- Thanks for the info.

I did a post about it. 😀

I have expected her to re-appear with larger boobs, like Britney, when she “injured her knee”. I could be wrong, but I think music has been going down the tubes for a while.

I’m kind of hoping the stupidity is a result of our current president and the whole country trying to dumb themselves down. You know, the whole “ignorance is bliss” thing?

I’m hoping Obama will win and both TV and music will improve. If McCain wins… Well, I’ve always wanted to live in Italy.

This was the blog i was searching.My friend told me about.I am really impressed.

i’ve never had thought that boa was the best of asia and i dont think she will ever be.
i dont mean to be hating on her but like i wasnt a big fan of hers from the start.

like seriously..
shes probably just done good in korea cause people like her style or something.
but she is DEFINITELY not the best of asia.
i hate how they say that for like almost everyone.
best of korea, korea’s pride. asian representative, etc..

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