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Jo In-Seong and Seong Yoo-ri are Carnies

Posted on: September 4, 2008

For the latest CF of clothing brand ADEN Jo In-Seong and Seong Yoo-ri are featured as Carnies with a dark and mysterious aura surrounding them, which is not to bad because they are dropped dead gorgeous. Jo In-Seong is the master of blades and Seong Yoo-ri is lovely assistant memorizing him with her seductive ways. Both are wearing matching outfits of black on black: black leather vest and black shirt with a white spaded design(also the clothing brands symbol) that also matches the wheel behind Seong Yoo-ri. Both of them are hot and it shows in the CF.


2 Responses to "Jo In-Seong and Seong Yoo-ri are Carnies"

ماشاء الله

حلوة جدا

أتمنى لو كانت مسلمة

الله يهديها للطريق الصحيح …^^

Sorry I don’t understand what you are saying……can you put it in English? Thanks

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