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Yes another obsession of mine besides the Korean culture is it’s men, and Lee Jun Ki is one of those hot Korean men at the top of my list. Others are So Ho Young, So Ji Sub, Song Seung Hun, Rain and so many others to name. Even though Lee Jun Ki portrays the effeminate type he can also carry off the masculine image as well. Not only is he a good actor he has also become a pro at modeling having all kinds of magazine publications and clothing brands after him wanting to feature him in their things. These companies know what they are doing because he definitely knows how to bring in the ladies with his very unique style……and we ladies so do love him for that. HAHAHA

Some pics of Spris’ 08 Fall Story Magalog

Making of Spris photo-shoot


Could this be true that my beloved favorite actress Yoon Eun Hye has decided to go back to her roots (music)? Well yes and no.  On August 23rd clips of YEH were released on a video site called Pandora, which got a lot of people talking and thinking that YEH will be making a come back into the music scene, but sadly she’s not. She will be featured in Samsung’s latest CF “Samsung Zipel” (for their Electronics’ Premium Range Refrigerator not a phone) showing us her singer side once again. From the video YEH looked very relaxed and playful in front of the mic as if she was reminiscing with a old friend she hasn’t seen in a while. The song she is singing is called “Salad Song” which sounds to me like a cutesy Pop type song (which I am not a big fan of), but YEH somehow can pull it off just fine like a natural, and I kind of like it. This will be YEH first time back showing off her vocal skills since her Baby Vos days and also her first time singing solo. I have to be honest I haven’t heard any of YEH’s songs during her Baby Vos days because I only got into Korean entertainment these past 2 years, so by that time she was already an actress. If YEH ever decides to go back to singing I don’t think she will have a hard time making a come back because these clips of her singing has already generated a lot of buzz. Causing the video (the long version I think) to reach the top position (most viewed video) on Pandora’s site. So here’s to Yoon Eun Hye on her mini music come back (HAHAH) Eun Hye Fighting!!!!……now if only she can get started on that next drama that many of us are waiting for. 😀

Check out the video

Ok WTF is wrong with G-Dragon? I know it’s cool to experiment with styles and stuff, but he’s starting to look like an heroine addict (I’m not saying that he is one, but what is up with his look lately?). He’s getting tattoos left and right, his stylist is going crazy with his hair or cutting it in the dark, and the boy is looking mad skinny. Does he even eat? But I do have to say that if G-Dragon wasn’t a rapper he so could pass as a rock star any day.

He has buttons or stickers on his shirt saying “I love sex“, “69” (a sex thing), and “Fuck you too” O.O

I do have to say that the guys are looking hot in their new pics for the latest issue of Esquire magazine (Korean issue).

For first my true blog post I will talk about one of my favorite Korean girl groups no other than THE WONDERGIRLS. I can not wait for their new single album (it’s not their 2nd album from what I’ve heard) which is due out on the 25th of September, also showcasing a new sound and style. A new song that some say will out do the “So Hot” song, which probably is not a surprise because every time WonderGirls come out with something new it always goes through the roof into the heavens, and explodes into sparkly little pieces we know as stars. Was I over doing it just now? HAHA well you know what I mean the WonderGirls’ songs always have this magic power to put people into trances and have them video tape themselves singing and do the choreography of one the their latest additive hits step by step. No matter if you you’re young or old, rich or poor, male or female, Korean celeb or non-celeb folks, or even a military serves person or regular Joe Schmo. Once you hear a up-beat song by the WonderGirls something in your brain goes hay-wire and you are grabbing for your video camera, and then YOU yourself become the latest most watched video on any streaming video site from Naver to Youtube ,and across waters into peoples living rooms or bedrooms. Once you’ve been hit by the Wonder bug you are a carrier of this contagious disease which it has no cure for until the next WonderGirls’ epidemic.

Oh but I am not complaining about this I am very happy with it and so are the millions of other people that get caught by this magnificent spreading disease. Now all we have to do is wait and see what new dance steps and catchy tone we will be practicing in our sleeps. But for now the WonderGirls are hard at work polishing up on their image which includes a jean campaign WONDER S. JEANS by TBJ Nearby also with 2AM (those lucky girls) and a 1677 CF. So we will have to be patient for their comeback (as if they’ve been gone).

WonderGirls & 2AM photo-shoot


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